LIVE tour of the current 20 hectare Giga-Farm in Paarl, South Africa

Brand new! The development of the plantation in South Africa and its unique advantages!
7. September 2022
Why anticipating the European economy has brought enormous benefits to iPlant: South Africa as a location.
19. October 2022
In this post we would like to focus less on the written component of this information and more on the following video. In recent months iPlant Global has received very positive feedback and would like to thank all its customers and supporters. Nevertheless, the company also gladly accepts constructive feedback. Among them there were some requests to create more transparency for the outside world and the community and exactly this has now been provided.
Of course, we cannot fully disclose certain internal company secrets such as equipment, strategies or contracts. Nevertheless, the company is strongly committed to providing as many impressions and insights as possible and to providing constant updates on current events, construction phases and results.
In the following video you can get a strong impression of the size of the project, the construction and the structure of the plant and thus make sure that they are already working at full speed on the future services and products. In addition to the established infrastructure in Europe, the focus is now flowing towards Paarl in South Africa. The climatic and economic conditions in this part of the planet allow a unique cultivation area to become a part of.
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